SCA Global Conference 2020 – Programme


See the preliminary agenda of the second SCA Global Conference 2020 below or download it here.

Sunday, 5 April 2020 | Young Investigator Initiative Event
16:00 SCA Global Young Investigator Initiative (YII) (Auditorium)
16:00 Keynote lecture: “Spinocerebellar ataxias: in search for a therapy”
Thomas Klockgether (Bonn)

17:15 Ataxia Scales Training
Heike Jacobi (Heidelberg) & Jennifer Faber (Bonn)

18:00 Presentation of YII Collaborative Projects
Heike Jacobi (Heidelberg) & Jennifer Faber (Bonn)

18:30 Get together (foyer)
Monday, 6 April 2020
8:00 Registration (foyer)
9:00 Working group results 1 (auditorium)
9:00 Welcome
Thomas Klockgether (Bonn, Germany) & Holm Graessner (Tübingen, Germany)

9:10 Clinical Outcome Assessments
Thomas Klockgether (Bonn, Germany)

9:30 Development of a regulatory pathway for SCAs
Jane Larkindale (C-Path)

10:00 MR Biomarkers
Gülin Öz (Minneapolis, USA)

10:30 Coffee break (foyer)
11:00 Working group results 2 (auditorium)
11:00 Biosampling Standards
Puneet Opal (Chicago, USA)

11:40 SCA Global Policy
Holm Graessner (Tübingen, Germany)

12:15 Young Investigator Initiative
Heike Jacobi (Heidelberg, Germany) & Jennifer Faber (Bonn, Germany)

12:30 Lunch (foyer)
13:30 Guided poster walk (atrium building B)
14:30 Scientific session: Assessment (clinical, digital) (auditorium)
14:30 SCA2: Epidemiology, biomarkers and prospects for early intervention
Luis Velázquez-Pérez (Holguín, Cuba)

14:50 Wearable sensors to quantify ataxic balance and gait
Fay Horak (Portland, USA)

15:10 Patient-reported outcome measures for ataxia (PROM-Ataxia)
Jeremy Schmahmann (Boston, USA)

15:45 Oral presentation selected from abstracts

16:00 Coffee break (foyer)
16:30 ESMI Final symposium (auditorium)
16:30 Introduction: Aims, recruitment and outlook
Thomas Klockgether (Bonn, Germany)

16:45 Motor and lifestyle assessments
Ludger Schöls (Tübingen, Germany)

17:05 Imaging
Jennifer Faber (Bonn, Germany)

17:25 Ataxin-3 measurements
Jeannette Hübener-Schmid (Tübingen, Germany)

17:40 RNAseq and biological validation
Mafalda Raposo

18:00 Exosomal microRNA profiling
Magda Santana

18:15 Neurofilaments and other plasma proteins
Hector Garcia-Moreno

18:30 Reception (foyer)

Karl Broich (BfArM, Bonn, Germany)

Tuesday, 7 April 2020
8:30 Registration (foyer)
9:00 Scientific session: Imaging (auditorium)
9:00 MRI in SCA3
Marcondes Cavalcante França Junior (Campinas, Brazil)

9:20 Neuroimaging biomarkers in SCAs
Isaac Adanyeguh (Minneapolis, USA)

9:40 Oral presentation selected from abstracts
9:55 Oral presentation selected from abstracts
10:10 Oral presentation selected from abstracts

10:30 Coffee break (foyer)
11:00 Scientific session: Fluid biomarkers
11:00 Neurofilaments as potential biomarkers in a Chinese SCA3 population
Hong Jiang (Changsha, China)

11:20 Neurofilaments as potential biomarkers in a European SCA3 population
Matthis Synofzik (Tübingen, Germany)

11:40 Ataxin-3 proteins in biofluids
Leonard Petrucelli (Jacksonville, USA)

12:00 Oral presentation selected from abstracts

12:15 Award ceremony for the best three posters

12:20 Lunch (foyer)
13:30 Industry panel / presentations on planned trials (auditorium)
15:00 Departure
Tuesday, 7 April 2020 | DRPLA Meeting
15:00 – 18:00 DRPLA meeting (room A.2.103/107)
Tuesday, 7 April 2020 | SCA Global Steering Committee Meeting
16:00 – 18:00 SCA Global Steering Committee Meeting (room A.0.195)